“Emily Ann Design & Photography is everything I hoped for in a photographer.  Emily has captured all the biggest moments in my life: the day I married the love of my life, our pregnancy, and the sweet memories of our newborn son.  She is such a gifted artist who truly loves what she does and that is evident in the time she devotes to the photography and editing sessions as well as her kind spirit and how she works with you to ensure you get everything you want.  Her photographs are one of a kind and I am proud to show them off and have them as keepsakes for my most special memories. I wouldn’t dream of using any other photographer.” – Katie J. 


” My Engagement session with Emily Ann Design & Photography was such a wonderful experience! Dusstin and I immediately felt very comfortable working with Emily. Her creative approach and attention to detail captured many sweet moments between us. I appreciated that she came prepared to help us create beautiful shots and also was willing to let us get creative as well. Emily’s love for capturing moments behind a lens was apparent through the whole experience and I would love to work with her again” -Karyn N. 


Your words can be on the Emily Ann website too! Fill out the form below and share about your experience with Emily Ann Design & Photography!


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